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What's Included in my $39 per month membership?

InterSegmental Traction (IST)

Aka “the roller table” is one of the most effective ways to comfortably restore motion to the 139 joints of the spine.  Additional benefits include helping to rehydrate intervertebral discs, stretching the deep muscles of the spine and within the rib cage, reducing stress, and improving deep breathing patterns.

Interferential Muscle Stimulation

IFC is is a highly effective form of electric muscle stimulation that reduces deep muscle pain, reduces muscle spasms, and improves circulation into muscle and the connective tissues that your body depends on for pain free movement.  IFC is NOT the same as tens.  IFC is a much higher frequency and provides a substantially deeper therapy to tissues that the tens settings can never get to.   IFC also successfully reduces joint and arthritis pain. This is a shockingly effective therapy.   

Normatech Leg Recovery System

Muscle soreness after heavy activity or extended sitting can linger for days, slow down your recovery, inhibit progress with performance, and just be miserable.  The Normatech Recovery System is an effective way to help recover faster by pushing inflammation and metabolic byproducts out of leg muscles.  This improves circulation, allows the body to provide fresh oxygen and nutrient-filled blood back into the muscles that need them. This process allows the body to recover faster and get you back in the game.  Also, it makes sore tight legs feel great. 

Foot & Leg Vibration Therapy

Vibration therapy has been used successfully for centuries with massage based techniques to help circulation, muscle pain, and joint therapy.  In recent years and the use of newer technology, vibration-based therapies have become a widely used therapy that clinicians depend on daily.  This particular type of therapy is specific to the feet and lower legs.  These units do more than just make your feet and lower legs feel great.  They are great for neuropathy, circulation, plantar fasciitis, foot and ankle arthritis, shin splints and tight calf muscles. 

Cervical Traction

Cervical Traction is a highly effective non-surgical option for recovering disc bulges, relaxing and stretching deep neck muscles, keeping the joints in the cervical spine (neck) healthy and mobile, and reducing tension headache frequency.  This unit, used with IFC stimulation can improve neck health, prevent neck problems, and reduce neck pain very successfully.

Hypervolt Muscle Release Therapy

Aka The Thumper.  This device has revolutionized pulsating muscle therapy.  Originally derived fro an ancient massage stroke called tapotement, this device is the best handheld device for stopping focal muscle cramping ad pain.  This device is designed to release fascia/connective tissue, superficial and middle to slightly deep muscles.  The Hypervolt also helps to pulsate inflammatory fluids out of focal areas of muscle and fascia tissue.  While nothing can reach the same efficacy as Dry Needling Procedures, this is as close as it gets.

Modality Upgrades at the Revive Center:

Injury Prevention Assessment

Most sports and exercise-based injuries are a result of the same issue…movement dysfunction. The muscles and joints are designed to move and perform in specific patterns to maximize performance and reduce injury susceptibility.  This assessment identifies abnormal biomechanical patterns to athletes of all ages allowing the athlete to strengthen the weak areas and improve performance while reducing injury risk.

Dry Needling Procedures

Dry Needling is a safe and effective skilled intervention that uses a filiform needle to release trigger points, muscles and connective tissues that are generating pain and movement restriction. This regenerative procedure is performed by a specially trained professional and successfully recovers soft tissue quickly.  This procedure can often minimize recovery time and get results where many therapies have failed.

Manual Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a long-standing effective hands-on technique for the relaxing and recovery of tight and painful muscle and connective tissues. Manual myofascial release helps remove inflammation and metabolic byproducts left in muscles by exercise as well as lack of use or repetitive use.  Removal of these can speed up recovery and reduce discomfort dramatically.  This technique has branded many names and “techniques” over the centuries and is the primary technique used in medical massage.  One thing that has never changed is its efficacy when properly applied.


$39.99 per Month
  • Myofascial Release - $14/$20 Non Member
  • Dry Needling - $39/$59 Non Member
  • Adjustment - $15/$30 Non Member
  • *$20 Initial Account Set-up Fee. Monthly Membership Fee automatically deducted. Cancel at any time with a 30-day notice.

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Dr. Derek Myers

Over the last 16 years, I have applied my Chiropractic, Massage, and Post-Doctoral training to concierge-style physical rehabilitation and human performance.

With the addition of Dry Needling (my specialty) to my scope of practice, I am blessed with this opportunity and look forward to being a productive part of the community where I live now and the community of individuals like you wanting to provide your clients with the best possible advances in care.

For more information about myself and my practice visit:

Revive Center Staff in Heath, Ohio

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